Why Search is Not Working in Your CHM File

One of the frequent issues that can happen with the CHM file you have created is the Search tab that does not find any entered keywords.

Simple solution

In most cases, the solution of the problem with the non-working Search capability in a CHM file consists in re-installing the MS HTML Help Workshop package. This will restore system libraries which are in charge for the full-text search and will return the functionality to your HTML Help system.

Step-by-step instructions

Here is a step-by-step instruction that you can use to fix the non-working Search in your CHM help file:

Download a CHM Creation Tool

After watching the video which explains how you can create a CHM file with a help authoring tool, you may want to download the application whose basic features we have demonstrated. If you need more information on creating and using HTML Help (CHM) files, you can also visit the related links in the right box.

Help file maker main window
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Details Value
Filename HelpSmithSetup.exe
File size 65 MB
Platform Windows 11/10/8/7
1 GHz processor, 512MB RAM, 150MB free disk space